Art of Aboriginal or also known as Indigenous Australian art is usually based on main ancient stories. Modern Aboriginal art is based on symbols and stories centered on the Dream time that is the period of time in which Indigenous people believe the world was first created. This kind of art also stands as a written language and it has many layers of meaning because it is a major part of the unwritten ‘encyclopedia’ of being an Aboriginal person. Paintings are mostly used for teaching. They are used by the aboriginal people for various purposes according to the audience. So the same painting may take one form when is being told to children and a higher and different level from when speaking to adults.

The oldest form of Aboriginal art is Painting on Bark even though many bark paintings have been vanished over time. The ochre paints need as well a stable base on which to paint in order to lengthen their short life. It is also said that in general artist need permission to paint a specific story. Traditional Aboriginal painters cannot paint an important story that does not belong to them through family inheritance. And traditionally, the paintings that we now see on canvas were drawn or scratched on rock walls nearly 40 years ago. Since then, Australian Aboriginal Art has been valued as the most exciting and interesting modern art form of the 20th Century.

One interesting thing about this art is that dots were used to hide secret information. This technique began when Aboriginal people became worried that white people would be able to understand their private and mostly sacred knowledge. The dots, sometimes also called over- dotting, served to obscure the secret symbols underneath, which is a very mysterious and attractive technique for nowadays. The Australian Aboriginal is the most successful culture in the world. This culture is complex and rich in spiritual teachings, cultural behaviors and knowledge.

Usually, like other ancient and antiques things, Aboriginal Artworks are expensive. The highest priced so far were painted for the work ‘Warlugulong’ by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. It was sold in 2007 to the National Gallery of Australia for an incredible sum of $2.4 million dollars. While the record for an Aboriginal art made by a woman, ‘Earth’s Creation’, was $1.056 million. The sum was achieved in 2007 by Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Aboriginal paintings can qualify for both museums and galleries.

Finally, we ca say that Aboriginal Art has both artistic and anthropological values because it reflects the earliest period of their fascinating culture. The reason why this type of art is so important and special is that the paintings can qualify for a place in a museum or in a contemporary gallery and if you decide to buy one of them, your investment will surely pay off. Many galleries or even online websites offer hundreds of quality Aboriginal Artworks for sale. The original paintings usually come with certificates of authenticity and photos of the artist creating that work. And you can also choose one painting from your favorite artist.